All ads will be invoiced on their issue date. We accept all major credit cards, check, and ACH deposits. We have a net 30 billing policy, after which a 1.5% finance charge will be assessed. Checks can be mailed to our offices at 1115 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Contact Billing Administrator Amy Rash at or 612-436-5081 to provide a credit card over the phone, to change your preferences, or for help with any billing questions.

We offer the following billing preferences:

ACH Payment Details

If you'd like to pay via ACH, you'll need to request our financial information. You can either submit your own information request form to or simply email us at with the following information:

We'll respond to your request promptly with more information on how to get started.

Need to know more? Keep reading below to learn more about this alternate payment option.

More information about ACH Payments

What: ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments transfer money directly between two bank accounts. ACH payments can be initiated by either the sending account or the receiving account. A payroll direct deposit from an employer to an employee is an example of an ACH payment initiated from the sending account, called an ACH Push. An automatic monthly withdrawal made from your bank account by a service provider is an example of an ACH payment initiated from the receiving account, which is called an ACH Pull.

Minnesota Premier Publications offers a client-initiated push payment, meaning you are able to initiate and send payment directly from your bank account to our bank account when you receive an invoice from us.

Why: ACH payments provide a more cost-effective, secure, reliable and convenient way to send and receive payments, by eliminating the need for mailed checks and envelopes that may be lost or stolen, as well as the need for calls to exchange credit card information. The method is secure, and significantly reduces the exposure of your sensitive information to the many intermediate service providers involved in traditional credit card and check processing. It also frees up employee time normally spent sending checks or calling to provide credit card details.

A significant reduction in paper waste is another benefit of payments via ACH. MPP offers the ability to send invoices via email if you would like to further reduce your paper consumption.

Who: This payment option is best-suited for clients who have ongoing advertising contracts, clients who wish to streamline their payment process, or clients that may already have an ACH payment procedure established within their business. If you think you could benefit from the cumulative time and cost savings of ACH payments, this option may work for you. This option can replace automatic payments made via credit card. One-time payments can also be made via ACH.

How: Your banking institution, payment processing software or service provider will have a specific process to initiate payments via ACH, and you should consult them for information on paying an invoice via ACH. You may also use an online service that provides ACH processing. You will need the account number and routing number of MPP (the receiving bank account), which you can request by emailing directly.