Ad Materials

Submitting your ad

Submitted files should meet the below specifications, and be submitted by the deadline to Ad Coordinator Hannah Dittberner at We do a brief quality check and preflight on all submitted ads to ensure they will print accurately.

We will send emailed reminders 1 week prior to all scheduled ads. MPP reserves the right to charge a $50 late fee for materials submitted after the deadline.

See a full list of ad sizes at or review all our deadlines at

If you have an ongoing ad and we do not receive a new file by the deadline, we will continue to run the previous ad (called a ‘pickup’) unless you instruct us otherwise or if the ad has a time-sensitive date.

It is helpful if you let us know in advance how often you anticipate updating your ad.

Print ads:

Digital ads:

Ads created by MPP

If you would like us to create your ad, please read the below information so you are aware of our process. These expectations are set to ensure we can best serve all our advertisers.

If you require us to create your ad, please let us know before the deadline so we can prepare accordingly.

For new ads: All advertisers receive up to 1 hour of complimentary design time for new ads, which includes initial design time and a maximum of two rounds of revision, after which an hourly fee of $125 will be assessed.

  1. Submit your materials all at once by the deadline: Gather the information you want to see in your ad, including ALL text, contact information, images and logos. We are not responsible for sourcing content or writing copy (unless specifically arranged). Hannah will review and relay the information to our designers so they can begin designing your ad.
    • Required:
      • High-res image and logo files. We can assist selecting stock images, if needed
      • All text to be included in the ad: services, company tagline, call to action
      • Contact information: address, phone number, website, email

    • Helpful, not required:
      • Previous promo materials that you may want us to reference for design
      • Your website URL, if similar in design to what you’d like to see in the ad
      • Mock-up or sketch of ad layout concept, if desired

  2. Receive your ad proof: We will send you a proof within a few days. Verify all contact information closely. It is your responsibility to confirm the accuracy of the ad.

    We do our best to meet and exceed your expectations, but occasionally an ad proof might not be what you’re looking for. If the first ad proof we create differs significantly from how you’d like the final ad to look, do not continue exchanging revisions on the ad. Instead, let Hannah know and we’ll have a discussion on the best path forward to avoid charging you for additional design time.

  3. Submit your changes all at once or approve the ad: If there are minor adjustments to be made, compile them in one email or document and submit them to Hannah within a day or two. You can also call and provide the changes verbally. It is important that you review the ad in its entirety and submit your changes in one exchange.

    If the ad is ready and needs no changes, confirm with Hannah that it is ready to print.

  4. Receive and approve your final ad proof: After submitting one round of adjustments, the ad should be ready for approval. Verify again that all information is correct and confirm with Hannah that the ad is ready to print.

    We are willing to accept one final round of adjustments, provided they are minor and reasonable. Changes should not exceed two batches or rounds of revision, after which the hourly fee of $125 will take be assessed.

For changes to existing ads: All advertisers receive up to 20 min. of complimentary design time per ad for minor adjustments to ads previously created by MPP (e.g. updates to expiration dates, seasonal services, event information, or imagery). Just let Hannah know what details needs adjusting before the deadline, and she’ll send you an updated ad for approval.

If we need to make major changes to the ad, it will be considered a new ad, and follow the guidelines outlined above.


Still have questions about submitting ad materials or the ad approval process? Contact us at 612-825-9205 or